First off sorry for so long without a post Managing autotools projects is a pain whose only solace is knowing that managing projects with anything else ... Managing Autotools - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

It s time for another GNOME Beers event in San Francisco CA It will be held next Tuesday October 29th at 8 00 PM. 21st Amendment worked well for us last ... GNOME Beers - San Francisco CA - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

I just tagged another release of the mongo-c-driver. It includes various SSL TLS fixes and support for more platforms. You can find the release here. mongo-c-driver 0.94.2 - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

I m headed up to Washington state in a few hours for my cousin Timm s funeral. Timm had served in the United States Army for the last 5 years. Sad Moments in Time - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

I don t think I do enough quick prototyping. So to help me change that I d like to start putting together a short list of things I think should be explored. Write throw-away prototype code - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

One of the things that has generally been a pain when using GTask is multiplexing results. For example say you are doing a fairly complex operation like ... EggTaskCache - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

I ve written another library Catalina. It started as an example for using the threading library Iris and turned into what I think is a useful library. Catalina Object Database - 10.09.2016 02:34:06

I wrote a python add-in for MonoDevelop last year. Unfortunately I have a hard time sticking to a single project and therefore it suffered a bit. Python add-in for MonoDevelop - 10.09.2016 02:34:06